About Us

Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic is unique SWPBC & SWABG Navy Battle Organisation Well Organized and Open For All  WOWS players from around the world to Join us. 

Having fun is what we are all about. Also, We have Training officers to help improve your skills. And Senior Officers that are friendly in the Community to help with advice on different types of tier ships.

SWPBC & SWABG host mock battle’s and Events, Competitions, Clan Matches, including battles that took place in second world war using some of the maps in the game. So if you are looking for good fun enjoyment and a good laugh this is the Community to join and be in.

We hold open meetings for members to join in and have the opportunity to make there own suggestions to improve the Sea Wolves of the Pacific & Atlantic Navy Battle Community.

We also give you the opportunity for promotion in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic.
Sea Wolves of the Pacific & Atlantic will offer you a promotion if you show cooperation in the SWPBC or SWABG and you are active and online regularly, when in Battle or in Training or even in division and showing your skill and commitment within the Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic Navy Battle Community, and our SWPBC & SWABG clan sides, could earn you a ship or some premium, as we like to encourage our members. However, promotions are based upon the recommendation by a Senior Officer and are then past forward to the Navy Board for approval.

Most of all we enjoy the game and love to kick butt and sink ships with the greatest of accuracy when playing in Random Battles, Coop Battles, Operational Battles, Clan Battles. We all chat about the battle we just played to see what we can do to improve our tactics and strategy for the team battle.

We also have a very nice Training Academy set up and run by our two Tactical Training Officers, here you can be trained for any type of eventuality that can occur with the type of ship that you most like to use in the game which may be a Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship or Aircraft Carrier.