What We Offer

What We Can Offer You:

So if you are just looking to have great fun and enjoyment then we are the Community to be in.

We run a Fun SWPBC & SWABG Navy Battle Community every evening of the week, and weekends , as well as participating in events such as Clan Matches/Team Training/Random Divisions/Operational Battles/ Competitions, and mock battles that took place in the second world war.
From time to time we also organise training sessions and play skirmish battles against each other on the training server and other teams or clans maybe invited to join us for a battle.
 Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic is a mature and friendly community, many of who have been playing together since the start of the game, and though we take our gameplay seriously, we do so without losing sight of having good fun and good fun is what its all about being happy with the guys who play with us as a team, and are willing to take an active part regularly in the community.
We also give you the opportunity for promotion in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic.
Sea Wolves of the Pacific & Atlantic will offer you a promotion if you show cooperation in the team and you are both active and online regularly,when in Battle or in Training and showing your skill and commitment within the Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic Navy Battle Community.
The Key promotion Factors are:
1/Performing well in Battle and showing your skill.
2/carrying out an order when given one in battle by the Fleet Commander or a Senior Officer.
3/using team speak
4/using the forum                                                                                                                                     img034
5/Taking part in Training evenings
6/Showing interest in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific Community
7/Meeting other members getting to know them
8/Able to be online regularly
9/Attending team meetings
10/Be polite to all senior officers and other team members at all times
If you are able to do the above you are well on the way for a Promotion in the ranks of Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic Community.

What We Are Looking For:
Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic is a Navy Battle Community built around organisation, cooperation and teamwork. As such, we are unique and look for players and friends who are both active and online regularly and like to take part in having fun with in our SWPBC & SWABG.
Your ability to fulfill the requirements on our home page and work well within Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic Navy Battle Community is extremely important taking part in our Community, and the SWPBC clan side. We always make new members welcome whether they are from the UK or from around the world, any one is welcome to join us and take part in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic. You should be 18 or over to join us.

We Organize Competitions within Sea Wolves Of The Pacific & Atlantic Navy Battle Community.
These run every Month for all our members to join in and have great fun and win great prizes

We Offer T Shirts, Mug’s, Cap’s with our Logo:
We also offer T Shirts , Mug’s , Cap’s with our Logo on them which represents Sea Wolves Of the Pacific or Atlantic and our SWPBC or SWABG clan side, which you can be proud  of to have as a member.

 Organize day trips out:  
We also organize an opportunity for day trips out in the summer to War Museum’s  around the UK where the SWPBC & SWABG members of Sea Wolves Of the Pacific & Atlantic can meet each other in person and have a fun day out.

We also run our own video recordings :We also do our own video recordings of battles fought by Sea Wolves of The Pacific & Atlantic these are placed in our Forum and on our website for all members to watch when they like.

 Regards First Sea Lord Sea Viper 1953